Wismec Trough Tank Review

The Trough Tank is the latest mesh tank from Wismec. The company, which is located in Santa Ana, California, has been making waves in the vaping industry for quite some time now.

The Wismec Trough Tank is capable of holding up 6.5mL, 5mL or 2mL of e-liquids – depending on the version that you choose. The dimension of this Trough tank varies. It measures 28.5mm x 50mm for the 5mL version, and 30mm x 50mm for the other versions. The widest point is around 30mm. The normal version of the Trough sub ohm tank weighs 61.5grams, while the crystal version weighs 65grams.

The Wismec Trough comes with two airflow slots at its base. This brings in enough air to produces massive clouds of vapor. To adjust the airflow, you can rotate the airflow control ring. This ring is well designed with grippy patterns. This makes it easy to control.

The Wismec Trough tank uses the new WT coils to give you the purest flavor and massive clouds of vapor. There are three mesh coils for this device – WT01, WT02, and WT03. However, the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 kit contains only the WT01 ( pre-installed) and the WT02. Other contents of the kit include 2 user manuals, 2 warning cards, the box mod, the Wismec Trough tank, a micro USB cable for charging, and a bag of spare parts.

The WT01 single mesh coil has a resistance of 0.35 ohms and is recommended for vaping at 30W to 50W. The WT02 dual mesh coil, on the other hand, has a resistance of 0.20 ohms and is recommended for vaping at 30W to 70W. The WT03 triple mesh coil has a resistance of 0.15ohms and a wattage range of 50W to 90W.

The wicking material of the Wismec Trough coils is made of 30 percent wood pulp and 70 percent organic cotton. This micro-porous technology ensures more e-liquid flows into the coil so you can get a richer flavor and produce bigger clouds.

The Trough is one of the cheap Wismec tanks available on the market. The tank comes in five different colors like gold, silver, black, rainbow crystal, and rainbow. This tank looks stylish and comes with advanced technology.

Wismec Trough Tank also has a top-filling design. There is a silicone cover over the port to prevent the e-liquid from leaking if ever the tank gets accidentally knocked over.

You can purchase the Wismec Trough Tank for just $30.92 to $39.10 at www.wismec.com.