4 Signs That You Should Change Your Coil

Even if you are just new to vaping, you must know the evident signs that show you should change your vape coil. You cannot keep on using the coils. They are not meant to last forever. If you consider your device and always clean the parts of your electronic cigarette (e-cig), they will surely last for a long period of time. But there will be a time that you must replace them. Some ways to show you that the vape coil needs another one are the following: 

#1 Burnt Taste of Your Vape 

This is the most obvious sign you will observe with your coil. Most vapers experience this indicating the need to replace the coils. You taste the awful burn at the back of your throat. The taste is not savory and pleasant. When you vape and taste this aftertaste, you will feel sick. It is about time to change your vape coil. You cannot save it because the coil materials and the wick are already burned. 

#2 A Gurgling Sound of E-Cig 

You usually hear a gurgling sound in some e-cigs. This sound can indicate something different. There’s a possibility that a major problem is present in your device. It can also be the tanks for sub ohm are flooding, and then you must change the coils. This sound also occurs when the coil is not set properly. You may have just replaced the coil with a new one. 

Get a stab to unscrew and reattach the coil. Make sure the holes are lined up well. If the sound is very apparent when you vape, this is the best time to change your vape coil. If ever doing this won’t fix it, go to a vape shop and consult a specialist. 

#3 Unusual Vape Taste 

This one is quite difficult to describe. If you are familiar with your e-liquids, you’ll notice that the vape juice doesn’t provide the same hits anymore. This is likely because of its dull taste or something odd. There’s no more flavor on it. You also notice the color is darker than the usual. This happens because other e-liquids soak your wick and coil. The right flavor is no longer there. To solve your concern, you should replace your coil. 

#4 Too Much Usage of Your Coil 

This depends on your vape consumption. This is not about what you are using in your coil, but how often you vape and use the e-liquid. If you are a heavy vaper and uses your device more often, then you must change your coil more than once a day. If you’re a regular vaper, then you change it around two weeks.  

If you’re an occasional vaper, you only change it once a month. Whatever is your vaping preference, you consider to replace your coil every month If you are not sure about your vaping frequency, start writing in your journal to keep track of everything. This way you have control and know how to prevent from burning your coil. 

Do I Need to Replace the Coil? 

You replace the vape coils if the flavor of your vape juice starts to taste bland. This setup is easily done and an advantage for most atomizers. You can buy a pack of coils or atomizer heads to replace the old coil for your device. Remove the old one and place the new one. It is very important to buy the correct coil for your device model and built. 

You will likely find out that you must regularly change the coil or more frequent if you are a heavy vaper. It a good chance to replace your coils when there are smaller vape clouds, the lesser flavor from your vape juice, and your vape tastes weird or burned. To know more high-quality sub ohm kits, coils, and box mods, visit wotofo.com