The NIIN air disposable vape is the newest release by the renowned Streamline Vape Co. This vape is designed to make vaping easy, safe, convenient, and fun. It comes with multiple features that make all this possible. For example, it contains an auto-draw mechanism for ease of use, comes ready to use, and has an airflow control system that shapes your experience. 

Streamline Vape Co. is known for its innovative products that resonate with the consumer’s needs. The NIIN air disposable vape is no exception. This device delivers much more than you could anticipate. This piece covers everything you need to know about this vape, including where you can purchase bulk vapes.


Adjustable airflow control

NIIN air disposable vape has an adjustable airflow control switch at the device’s bottom. This allows you to balance the flavor and vapor produced according to your preference. Unfortunately, not many brands include this feature in vapes, which makes the NIIN air disposable quite unique. 

Battery, E-liquid capacity, and Puff count.

This vape contains an integrated 900mAh battery that delivers thick clouds of vapor for the ultimate mouth-to-lung experience. The 5ml vape juice capacity is quite impressive for such a small device. The e-liquid sufficiently supports approximately 2000 puffs, which is enough to last you one to two weeks before you need to replace the device. 

Nicotine strength

NIIN air disposable vape has a nicotine strength of 50mg made of tobacco-free nicotine (TFN). Tobacco-free nicotine ensures you get over smoking addiction using a safer alternative. 5% nicotine is enough to instantly quench any craving. 

Draw-activated mechanism

NIIN air disposable vape uses the draw-activated firing mechanism, meaning it does not employ the use of button pressers when firing up the device. Instead, you only have to inhale the first draw to fire up the device. This device is very convenient for use at any time and place.


NIIN air disposable vape comes in dazzling flavors that make you crave more and leave your mouth with a taste of fruity and minty iced flavors. The device comes in just a small collection of dialed-in flavors that are well thought off and expertly crafted, almost as if smokers made them. The NIIN air disposable flavors are straw melon, peach chill, mango chill, banana chill, blue razz, and guava chill.


NIIN air disposable vape 2000 puffs is your device of choice for a superior level of convenience, performance, and quality for its customers by providing a large capacity, performance adjustments, and an expertly crafted collection of flavors that you cannot resist. The device comes with a tobacco-free nicotine vape juice of 50mg nicotine that ensures your nicotine cravings are met. This NIIN air disposable vape is the ultimate vaping device that delivers convenience and satisfaction in one pack.

Where to purchase the NIIN air disposable vape

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