Apples and Bananas THC-P Cartridge by Medusa Review

Straight from Medusa’s THC-P devices collection is the Apples and Bananas THC-P cartridge. This device is an excellent choice for anyone looking for something more potent than Delta 9 THC. The instant onset and the long-lasting effects that vaping offers are the reasons behind its ever-growing popularity. You can join the vaping culture stylishly by using top-tier devices such as the Apples and Bananas THC-P cartridge. Below is a detailed description of everything you need to know about this device.

Product description 

Sturdy and durable material 

The Apples and Bananas THC-P cartridge is made of durable material. The transparent tube that holds the THC-P is made of solid glass that does not break easily. The coil is made from the highest quality material that allows prolonged use without affecting the taste of the vapor. Additionally, the mouthpiece is made from strong plastic material and fits perfectly on your lips for a smooth vaping experience.

Rich flavors and potent effects

The Apples and Bananas THC-P cartridge has a distinct fruity flavor that comprises apple and banana notes. The bold flavor is balanced with sour and spicy undertones. THC-P offers potent and uplifting effects, and a long-lasting high. You only need a few puffs to attain desired effects, so go easy to avoid being overwhelmed. This vape is an excellent afternoon option for anyone looking to have a good, stress-free time.

Potent THC-P

This cartridge is packed with 1 gram of potent THC-P guaranteed to last a few hundred puffs. Whether you take deep and long draws or shallow and short ones, you can be assured it will last long. 

Gentle throat hits and exceptional flavors

The coil used and the quality of the THC-P used delivers a smooth throat hit and exceptional flavor production. The Apples and Bananas THC-P cartridge is compatible with a host of 510-threaded batteries and mods. When used with a low-wattage battery, this THC-P cartridge delivers flavor-filled and vapor-rich hits. 

Compliant product

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, all hemp-derived products containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC are considered federally legal. THC-P occurs naturally as a minor cannabinoid in hemp plants. It can be extracted or made synthetically. The cannabinoid is legal, so it is free to be made/extracted, and distributed legally. THC-P is the most potent cannabinoid, estimated to be more than thirty times as powerful as Delta 9 THC. 

Third-party tested

All Medusa products are tested for purity and potency to ensure that the product you purchase is as advertised. The brand provides third party reports for all its products, including the Apples and Bananas THC-P cartridge. Transparency, customer satisfaction, and product quality are attributes that Medusa adheres to. Consequently, the brand has scaled the heights to become a leading company in its niche. 

Anti-leak technology

Before the Apples and Bananas THC-P cartridge was released, Medusa conducted multiple tests to ensure the device delivers exceptional service. One of its outstanding features is its anti-leak technology. You no longer have to worry about losing some of your precious THC-P from spills or experiencing clogs.

Where to buy Apples and Bananas THC-P cartridge

The Apples and Bananas THC-P Cartridge is available at the Medusa website for $19.99. The brand offers special discounts for bulk orders.