What You Need to Know About Flavorah DIY E-Liquid Flavors

Flavorah DIY liquid flavors are different from other multi-purpose flavorings that are formulated for candy, beverages, baking, or perfume. That is why Flavorah flavoring concentrates are widely used to manufacture DIY e-liquid. We make flavorings specially formulated to perform best in e-liquid recipes. Our aromas for e-juice are unique for capturing the authentic flavors at high potency, with an emphasis on compounds and formulations that pass high-quality standards such as the European Tobacco Products Directive (EU TPD). Exploring and use of our flavoring concentrates will empower you to craft your DIY e-liquid recipes of the highest quality and effectiveness. If you’re searching for real e-juice flavorings, explore Flavorah.com

 DIY E-liquid Flavors 

DIY e-liquid stands for ‘do it yourself’ and involves making your own e-liquid from flavor concentrates instead of buying a ready to vape package from a vape shop. To make a DIY liquid, you have to mix PG and VG as well as one or more flavorings of your choice. The ratios of the ingredients should, however, be carefully chosen to ascertain that the results are what you need. The good news is with Flavaroh e-liquid concentrates are already has ready-made combinations of flavorings which turn any your base into a ready e-juice. This is almost the same as making your DIY e-juice from scratch, but the combinations are to make your work easier. Even though many DIY mixologists may prefer to make their flavorings, it can be time-consuming and expensive as it requires buying several flavorings and estimating the right quantities of each to produce the flavor of your choice.

When making your DIY, safety depends on how mix the e-liquid. Luckily, a collection of ready-made e-liquid from Flavorah is safe for mixing, and all you have to do is come up with a DIY recipe, and you are ready to go. However, mixing requires that you have the right equipment in place and know exactly what you doing. This includes having the proper protective gear such as gloves and goggles. Though our products do not contain dangerous substances such as nicotine, it is still important to observe the right procedures.

Flavorah concentrates e-liquids are not intended to be used with nicotine or tobacco hence makes you free from any legal obligations. In countries like the UK, the law on nicotine bars one to buying nicotine base above the strength of 2mg. 

What you need to know is that it is cheaper to DIY. Flavorah DIY e-liquid saves money and time and the trouble of mixing different types of flavorings. If you can try shopping around for e-juices, you will realize that some brands sell them for a costly price. Honestly, even affordable vaping juices might not be pocket friendly since you may get bored with vaping one flavor. As such, the more you desire to vape a different flavor, the more you spend.

You are also able to take your creativity to the next level and experience a whole new knowledge. After succeeding in your first DIY, you are likely to try to mix Flavorah concentrates with other flavorings. Eventually, your skill sets as a mixologist will increase, and you will wish to experiment on various flavors at Flavorah.com. The excellent news is Flavorah has all kinds of different e-liquid concentrates and flavorings that you would wish to try out. At Flovorah, we make sure that you never run out from DIY flavors to make different recipes.