Slaps Disposable Vape 4500 Puffs Review

Every time you think about a well-designed disposable vape made using the latest technology and fitted with multiple convenient features, it’s time to think about SLAPS disposable vape 4500 puffs. It is an easy-to-carry device that fits well in the palm of your hand. This device has unique features such as the adjustable airflow lever and the automatic firing mechanism.

Being a disposable device is equally time-saving since there is no need to refill the juice after completion. SLAPS disposable 4500 has zero capabilities to cause spillage and unpredicted messes. This device is a vape you should consider having for your long-term service. Here is everything you need to know about this amazing, rechargeable disposable vape.

Product description

Nicotine juice

For the most satisfying throat hits in every puff, SLAPS disposable vape 4500 is the best choice. It has a 5% nicotine concentration that is enough to quench all your nicotine thirst and leave you feeling refreshed.

Vape juice capacity

Lengthy vaping sessions are every vaper’s dream and this device helps you achieve that through its 12ml vape juice capacity. With this capacity, you can be able to last a few days without needing a refill of the vape juice.

Firing mechanism

The convenience of a device starts up by the method used to fire up the device. SLAPS disposable vape 4500 ensures a hands-free vaping experience through the use of a draw-activated firing mechanism. This firing mechanism eliminates the use of button pressers that could otherwise cause inconveniences when accidentally pressed.

Recharge port

There is nothing as unsettling as having to run out of battery power while in the middle of your vaping session. Therefore, SLAPS disposable vape is made with a specific feature to address this problem through the fitting of a micro-USB port used for recharging. It is hence easier to continue with your vape session even after the battery runs out.

Adjustable airflow lever

For an easy flow of air from the coils to your mouth, SLAPS disposable vape 4500 puffs have an adjustable airflow to allow you to determine the right amount of air according to your preferred puff concentration. You can increase or reduce the airflow to suit your preferred level.

Puff count

Presenting a high puff count of up to 4500 puffs per device, SLAPS disposable vape guarantees you long sessions and can last you a few days. This puff count is an added advantage on top of all the other features and is hence a feature you cannot just ignore. 


SLAPS uses the perfect mixology technology to blend fruity flavors and achieve great tastes. These flavors are aloe grape, iced peach, iced watermelon strawberry, lush ice, mixed berries, pink lemonade, red bang, strawberry banana, strawberry dessert, and watermelon guava.


If you are on the hunt for an incredible disposable vape that takes your vaping experience to greater heights, SLAPS disposable vape 4500 puffs is here to do exactly that. This device offers you an adjustable airflow lever, great nicotine strength, and a high vape juice capacity without mentioning the perfectly crafted flavors that leave your mouth wet.

Where to purchase the SLAPS disposable vape

You can purchase the SLAPS disposable vape from the West Coast Vape Supply website for $15.75. This is the leading online vape store that stocks premium vape devices from reputable brands. Visit the store today for multiple deals and discounts.