Reasons You Should Get Yourself the A72 Disposable Vape from AAOK Vape

Are you looking for a premium vape to help you make a smooth transition from smoking, or are you looking for a high performing vape to add to your collection? The A72 disposable vape by AAOK Vape is the device for you. This vape delivers a potent dose of nicotine seamlessly, is easy to operate, and comes at an affordable price. AAOK Vape built this vape with your needs in mind, so satisfaction is guaranteed. Additionally, it is small and compact, making it highly discreet. Below is everything you need to know about the A72 disposable vape.

Product Description 

Mouthwatering flavors 

The A72 disposable vape comes in an array of rich flavors while allowing you to custom make your desired flavor by combining different flavors. This feature tests your capability to create a unique and tasty flavor that is yet to be developed. It is an important feature that attracts first-time and expert vapers who want to try a blend of different flavors. Whether you are enjoying an 8000 puff vape or this incredible 6000 puff vape device, each flavor represents a different feeling and meaning depending on the motive for its creation. A72 disposable vape has become a household name in the disposables industry for allowing creativity and mixology into their brand. Some top flavors include mixed berries, cola ice, pineapple, watermelon ice, bubble gum, grape ice, blueberry ice, mango ice, strawberry ice cream, and peach ice.

Top-grade build material

A72 disposable vape is a strong device built using aluminum and PCFG to withstand accidental drops and protect it from high temperatures and harsh chemicals. It is flagon-shaped and has an ergonomic mouthpiece. The mouthpiece curves perfectly, locking with your lips to avoid accidental spillage. A72 is a durable device that you should include in your list of disposables and is worth the hype.

Powerful, integrated battery

High battery capacity is essential since it determines the length of your vaping sessions. A72 disposable vape has a battery capacity of 500mAh, strong enough to fire up to 6000 puffs per device comfortably. This battery is rechargeable to last you through all the puffs in case of a power outage. A72 disposable vape has a type C charging port at the bottom of the device, ensuring fast and reliable recharge.

Impressive performance

A72 disposable vape maintains a steady and consistent vaping experience through the use of a mesh coil. The mesh coil balances vapor and flavor perfectly, giving you an incredible and consistent session. Mesh coil has a large surface area to volume ratio, allowing it to heat and cool faster, creating a constant amount of flavor and vapor in each hit.

Large vape juice capacity

Vape juice capacity is another essential feature that A72 disposable vape is fitted with. This e-cigarette boasts a vape juice capacity of 18ml, allowing you to enjoy the vape for longer. The vape juice is infused with 2% nicotine, enough to satiate any craving you might have. 

Guaranteed Quality 

A72 disposable vape is a high-quality device that undergoes rigorous quality control before being released. It is made by a reputable company that has continuously produced high-ranking e-cigarettes. A72 disposable vape is a device that guarantees you quality, convenience, and stellar performance. It is certified by a team of professionals whose work is to specialize in the production of the latest vaping products.

Where to purchase the A72 disposable vape

The A72 disposable vape is available directly from the AAOK Vape website. This is the leading wholesale distributor of premium vaping products. AAOK Vape offers OEM and ODM services at reasonable prices ranging from $1.8 to $3.5 per vape, offering 600 to 20,000 puffs. Visit the site today and enjoy great prices, high-quality products, and satisfactory customer service.