Chewberry E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog Review

Chewberry is a Cosmic Fog vape juice with an awesome fruity taste and aroma. The primary flavors in this e-liquid are strawberry, passion fruit, and tropical fruit candy. The overall taste of Chewberry would be appreciated by vapers who enjoy fruity and candy e-liquids. Chewberry is a one-of-a-kind e-juice. The ripe strawberry, passion fruit, and tropical fruits chewy candy flavor in this e-liquid give it a rich taste. The flavor is spot-on. Chewberry also has an organic flavor that sets it apart from other e-liquids with a similar flavor profile. It does not taste artificial. This is a sweet and fruity e-liquid. Chewberry could be your new all day vape.

Chewberry by Cosmic Fog has got to be one of the best-tasting fruity candy e-liquids currently available on the market. You can taste the uniqueness of the passion fruit, strawberry, and tropical fruit candy flavor when you vape this e-juice. Each one of these flavors come alive in your taste buds with every hit you take. The strawberry flavor has that organic sweet and tangy taste common with ripe strawberries. You can also taste the juicy and sour passion fruit flavor when you vape Chewberry. The tropical fruit chewy candy has that sweet, delicious taste that we love about soft, chewy candies. The chewy candy flavor in this e-liquid is very reminiscent of mini wrapped candy chews. The flavor of this e-liquid lasts through the inhale and exhale. Chewberry e-liquid has a nice and long-lasting aftertaste. You can choose to let your bottle of Chewberry steep for a few weeks before vaping it.

Chewberry e-liquid by Cosmic Fog is manufactured with high-quality vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 70:30. Like most e-liquids with a MAX VG ratio, Chewberry has a smooth and thick texture that makes it work with a sub ohm tank. If you do not have a sub ohm tank, you can vape Chewberry with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Chewberry is not a coil killer like most e-liquids on the market with candy flavor.

Chewberry produces huge clouds of vapor that is sure to excite most vapers who love massive clouds. Not only are the clouds of vapor that you get from vaping Chewberry thick, but they also have a lot of flavor. Chewberry has a nice aroma with a fruity flavor to it.

Chewberry by Cosmic Fog is sold with different nicotine strength levels. You can buy Chewberry with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This e-liquid has a smooth and mellow throat hit. With Chewberry, there are no chances of getting throat irritation after vaping it. Chewberry is produced with high-quality nicotine that makes vaping it a fun experience.

Chewberry is manufactured in the United States by Cosmic Fog Vapor. This vape juice producer is arguably one of the biggest in the vaping industry. Cosmic Fog runs its operations from Orange County, California. All the e-liquids in this brand are crafted with culinary expertise after their flavors have been thoroughly researched and tested. This company takes abut 7-10 months to develop and test their e-liquid flavors before they are ready to be released to the market. Due to this painstaking effort, all Cosmic Fog e-liquids are of exceptional quality. Cosmic Fog has a huge collection of different e-liquid flavors. Cosmic Fog is also behind some well-known brands like Liquid States and Lost Fog.

Chewberry comes in a classically designed Chubby Gorilla glass bottle. This e-liquid is sold with a black dropper tip. There is a label bearing the Cosmic Fog logo and Chewberry name on it.

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