Strawberry Kiwi E-Liquid by HMBL Juice Review

Today, I am going to bring you the latest treasures from my hunt for the best fruity vape juices on the market. After years of vaping, I have tried different flavors. I have also considered several recommended blends. To my surprise, the HMBL Juice line almost always comes up.

I have noticed that other reviewers have been adding HMBL Juice e-liquids to their rotation. Some have even talked the same e-juice repeatedly for months. Now, that is something worth checking out. And take note, HMBL Juice’s e-liquids in a hefty 120mL bottle. I guess, no one is going to repeat buy a huge bottle of e-juice if it is not outstanding.

One of the most recommended vape liquids in this line is Strawberry Kiwi Salt. And I wasn’t surprised that it keeps going out of stock at the Humble Juice Co. online store. I was able to secure a bottle after I subscribed to this shop and asked to be notified when it becomes available.

So why are people crazy about Strawberry Kiwi Salt? When I vaped this baby, I finally understood why it is so highly rated.

You get a burst of fresh strawberry and kiwi flavor the instant you open a bottle of this e-juice. What I noticed is that the aroma is not the sweet type that we are used to. Instead, it smells like the natural fruit.

This vaping liquid tastes very much like a fruit punch. The blend of strawberries and kiwi is spot-on. It does not come off as artificial in any way.

Some vape juices do not taste as good as they smell, but that is not the case with this vape liquid.

The inhale gives you a strong strawberry flavor. The notes are rich and fresh. As I keep on emphasizing, it does not taste artificial in any way. Ever tried a strawberry e-juice that tastes like a strawberry syrup? While medicines like that probably saved my life, I just can’t stand them anymore.

A few seconds after the inhale, notes of kiwi come in. The kiwi complements the strawberry flavor beautifully. On the exhale, the combination of these two flavors is perfect. It tastes like a mixed drink. The sweet and fresh tropical fruit flavor will blow you away. All you will probably need is a lawn chair, towel, and sunscreen to complete the experience.

I don’t know about you, but I can vape this e-juice all day long. And I recommend it to all fruit lovers out there.

As for the cloud production, cloud chasers won’t get disappointed. Strawberry Kiwi Salt is a blend of 65% vegetable glycerin and 35% propylene glycol. It produces huge clouds that do not disperse right away.

For the throat hit, this baby is nice and smooth. Vaping the 3mg version, I did not feel any burning, charring, or coughing sensation. You can also get this vape liquid with either 0mg or 6mg of nicotine.

A 120mL bottle of this strawberry and kiwi e-liquid is up for grabs at for as low as $24.99 only. That is only more or less $0.21 per mL, which is cheap for a premium vape liquid.

Overall, I suggest you give Strawberry Kiwi Salt a try. The e-juice surprise me pleasantly. It is everything I have been looking for in a vape juice.

Strawberry Kiwi Salt contains natural and artificial flavoring, USP propylene glycol, USP vegetable glycerin, and USP proprietary nicotine salts. The vape juice is pre-steeped for two weeks or more before it is shipped. This means you can vape it as soon as it arrives in your mailbox.

Give Strawberry Kiwi Salt e-liquid a try and share your experience below.