Creme Brulee Vape Pods for Juul Review

Have you ever wished you could have a stick of cigarette without having people be uncomfortable around you? Maybe you have been trying to drop the habit and seemingly not found a suitable alternative. The answer is now only an order away. The vaping industry has come up with various ways to make what you desire achievable and also mesmerizing at the same time. This allows you to still enjoy everything you would have as with traditional cigarettes only this time adding more color to the experience. Creme brulee vape pods by Juul are one of such examples of an e-cigarette that is worth every penny. 

Even if you are new to vaping, chances are that you have heard of Juul and their products. Today is the day to give one of them a try. Juul was founded in 2015, but became well known in the vape industry come 2017. They in a sense pioneered the vaping movement by creating a cleaner and cheaper alternative to the traditional cigarette smoking. Juul ensures the use of artificial ingredients that are cruelty-free and in comparison with alternative vape brands, every Juul vape e-liquid is of high-quality. The only thing here is that you must have a Juul device to enjoy this Juul flavor.

Creme Brulee Vape Pods by Juul Review

Creme brulee vape pods come with a rich blend of a creamy custard flavor, bathed with caramelized sugar without leaving out the distinct notes of sea salt and vanilla. This ultimate dessert flavor is sure enough to take your breath away. You can go ahead and kick start your day with its sweet and creamy taste that doesn’t stop it from being light as you vape. On the inhale, you are graced with a full and creamy flavor that will send your sweet tooth to vape heaven. On the exhale, you are rewarded with the classic mouth-watering sensation Juul products are known for.

The best part is that even long after you are done with your drag, creme brulee vape pods still satisfy you with a warm and comfortable aftertaste that will keep you occupied and even longing for more. Many vape juice manufacturers have tried to recreate this creme brulee phenomenon but nothing comes close to the uniqueness of creme brulee Juul pods. Dessert loving vapers already have this in their vape juice library, so what are you waiting for?

Creme brulee vape pods come neatly packaged with 4 pods, each of the pods holding 0.7ml of eliquid with 5% of nicotine which is approximately 40mg per pod based upon 59mg/ml. All those numbers just mean its equal to a pack of cigarettes so not only would you enjoy the vape experience but you will not easily run through your pods. Each pod promises you an average of 200 puffs for your vape pleasure.

A pack of four creme brulee Juul pods costs only $15.99 at the Ultimate Vape Deals online store.

This Juul vape juice featuring the flavor of a creme brulee, that will enrapture your taste buds with its tasty goodness. If you are new to vaping or you are just searching for an even more exciting vape experience, then make sure to grab a pack of creme brulee vape pods. All you need to do is click it in your device and enjoy a truly stellar experience.